3 Years. No Income.

I quit my job in February 2017. With roughly $250k in savings.

And went without income for 37 months.

Until April 7, 2020. When Whit Anderson donated $15 for a Trends.vc report.

And yesterday. When I made $162 from a Trends Pro Report on Paid Communities.

The first time I made money from a digital product. It feels weirdly good.

Why did you quit your job?

To control my time. I enjoyed the pay, flexibility and coworkers at my last gig. 

But it was too comfortable. That’s why I left.

Why did you write this?

I’m a private person. I just declined to give someone those details about mini-retirement. But I also learned that transparency pays.

Most of those sales were due to me being open about failing at monetization.

Transparency pays.

More on the way.

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