Glide Apps Marketing Playbook: 5 Strategies, 14 Examples

Company: Glide Apps

Founded: 2018

Founders: David Siegel, Jason Smith, Mark Probst, Antonio Garcia Aprea

Description: No-code mobile app builder

This playbook focuses on marketing strategies and tactics used by Glide. 

The marketing playbook series is for founders who want to: 

1. learn from real-life examples
2. discover which growth strategies fit which businesses and industries
3. find the 20% of strategies that return 80% of results

Viral Feature Marketing

1. Glide Branding

Glide apps are branded while users are on the free tier. This adds a viral component.

This marketing strategy is reminiscent of Made with Webflow and Sent via Superhuman.

Content Marketing

2. Video Demo

Glide’s video demo helps onboard new users in less than 3 minutes.

The demo video also serves great reference material when they post on platforms such as Hacker News, Product Hunt and Reddit. (Glide Demo)

3. Templates

Glide templates help users get quick wins. They can easily see the potential of the platform and get inspiration. (Glide Templates)

4. Video Lessons

Glide has lots of instructional videos. The video format complements the UI-based tool well. (Glide Video Lessons)

5. Glide Library

Glide also provides written documentation. This is great for SEO and providing scalable support. (Glide Docs)

6. Twitter

The Glide team uses Twitter to post app examples, product announcements and retweet user praise. (Twitter)

7. Glide Forum

The Glide forum brings users together. Forums also provide scalable support and are great for SEO. (Glide Forum)

8. Interviews

The Glide founders leverage podcaster platforms to get the word out about their project.

The team tells stories and share lessons while raising brand awareness. They’ve been featured on My Side Project and Gone Mobile.

9. Glide Blog

The Glide team eats their own dog food. They use the Glide platform to create relevant stories to share with their users. (Glide Blog)

10. #MadeWithGlide Showcase

The #MadeWithGlide showcase inspires creators.

Users can submit their apps to the showcase by posting on social media using the #madewithglide hashtag.

Glide nudges users to leverage their personal networks to spread the word about Glide. Genius. (#MadeWithGlide Showcase)

Micro Marketing

11. Chat Pop-Up

The Glide team tightens the feedback loop by providing near real-time support.

They may end up directing users to documentation. There’s also a chance that the team may discover a hole in their support materials and offerings. (Page)

12. Comment Response

Glide posts to platforms such as Product Hunt and Hacker News. This helps spread the word while gaining feedback.

The team responds to nearly all comments. This direct response method creates memorable interactions.

Tailored responses may be less scalable but they leave a deeper impression. (Hacker News | Product Hunt)

Social Proof Marketing

13. YC W19 Acceptance

Glide gained additional exposure as a YC company. There’s heavy overlap between the audience that follows YC and Glide’s target audience. (Page)

Freemium Marketing

14. Free App

Glide delivers value before asking for money. This risk-free proposition lowers adoption friction. It also acts as a lead generation tool.

Glide can continue testing offers on free users in hopes of converting them. (Page)

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